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About Us

About Us

Why ‘Things I Really Need’ is about to be your favourite new site…

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OK, so first off, this really will be your favourite new site because you’ll find endless new and classic products & gifts across loads of different categories.
Fun stuff, useful things, weird bits & bobs. In fact anything that grabs our attention as we wander about the internet shopping and dreaming.
You’re going to love them nearly as much as we love digging them up.


Because you’ll find things you really do need. And plenty you’ll just wish you had. The more you come back the more you’ll fall in love with these ’must-have’ ‘things’.
You can easily tell all your friends that you need them – share them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Or by carrier pigeon.
Plus, you’re going to look like the man (or girl!) when you tell them about all the face meltingly good stuff you can find here.
So, if idling away time dreaming of things you need in your life, or a detailed search for a great gift you urgently need for a friend, you’re in the right place.
But, if you’ve got a few minutes to kill dawdling on the web, you’re also in the right place.

Here’s the deal:

Have a look around.

Find a product you love.

Bookmark the page.

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Steady now, don’t have too much fun all at once.
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That way you won’t miss a thing.

We’ll also occasionally do a bonkers deal with a supplier and offer a discount direct from them, but that will only be for those who’ve subscribed.

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What Other People Say About ‘Things I Really Need’

I can’t believe how much time you spend messing about on that bloody site!” – Ian’s wife

If you haven’t lost an hour or two on Things I Really Need yet, you probably should be.” – Ian & Steve

Dad, your Things I Really Need site is amaaaaazzzing!” – Jake – Ian’s son

Subscribing to Things I Really Need is the mark of an enormous IQ.” – Ian or Steve, depending on who’s paying the hosting bill.

Sometimes I wonder if he actually does any work, or whether he pisses about on the internet all day.” – various former employers of Ian & Steve

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About Us


‘Things I Really Need’ was just founded, like a week or two ago (if you’re reading this in May 2012) by Ian Clifford and Steve Travell. Well, we actually built over Christmas 2011 but it’s taken until now for Steve to get it running day to day.

Ian is a music industry veteran who still holds down a day job working in management of globally successful artists. He has for several years handed out advice to DIY musicians at Make It In Music.

He co-founded this site after many years of rooting round the internet in a former life and learning by practice what people wanted to see on the web.

A serial site owner and builder, he has expertise in a lot of things as well as the music industry – especially wandering around the web looking at great things.

Steve is a working musician, so you can blame the musical gear on the site on him. He’s made records for a very long time, and even a few hits.

He still does that and teaches music production but has also turned his hand to web design and runs lots of sites, including the much respected Bloody Loud.

About Things I Really Need

Things I Really Need is something that the two of us have wanted to do for a long time.

A place where we can collect things that we do really need and that we’d love to have all in one place.

We’ll only ever list things that we genuinely love and, if money were no object and if we  had several acres of storage, we’d buy ourselves.

There are not and never will be any products here that are the subject of a paid review. It’s all just things we’ve found and love.

If you come across something that you think we’d love and that we should feature on the site, please email us on contact [at], or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

We do get an affiliate commission from some, but by no means all, the links that we post and this does not affect our choice of products. You can read more about that in our Affiliate Disclaimer.