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ATK All Terrain Kart


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  • * Built from strong grade plywood and stainless-steel fittings
    * Powerful brake on both rear wheels
    * 12" pneumatic tyre wheels with dual bearings
    * Adjustable padded seat to suit 7-12 year olds

    I wish we had these when I was younger, or even an adult version! But unfortunately for me, the ATK All Terrain Kart is aimed at boys and girls aged between 7 and 12. The great thing with the ATK All Terrain Kart is that it can be used in a combination of ways, think of it as a scooter, mountain-board and toboggan.

    With its pneumatic tyres and strong frame, the ATK  is rugged enough to be used on any surface. The back of the seat is adjustable and can fold down for the child to use it as a bobsleigh, pushing it along to build up some speed then jumping on to enjoy the ride.

    The ATK all terrain kart it is designed and engineered in Britain, and tested fully to CE standards and comes with a strong lever brake on one side that brakes both rear wheels.


    As well as tracks the ATK is perfect for the local park and grassy hills where children might toboggan on snowy days. It’s not too big to transport and fits in the boot of a mid-size hatchback,  and is light enough for a child to pull along on it’s back wheels by the front bull bar.


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