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The Boxx Scooter

Boxx Scooter

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  • * Electric All Wheel Drive
    * Eco-friendly Recycled Aluminium Body
    * High Safety and Manouverability
    * Hipster Chic & Super Cool

    The Boxx Scooter is a revolutionary electric all wheel drive scooter.

    Its combination of sleek aluminium body and quirky but hugely practical design make it a massive leap forward in urban transport.

    BoxxCorp overcame numerous design challenges to engineer the all wheel drive ability into an electric scooter of such small proportions. In doing so they have made a vehicle of extremely high stability and therefore safety. An added bonus is that the Boxx also has the ability to cross terrain that other scooters wouldn’t manage.

    boxx scooter orange

    Traction control and ABS braking are natural by-products of the electric drive system further adding to safety.

    Although the Boxx scooter has a small footprint, it is, in fact,  metre square and gives a high riding position (with a low center of gravity) that makes riders highly visible.  That size and a lack of any fluids (oil, gas etc.) in the drive system mean that is a cinch to store indoors – with no mess.

    Added to all this is the environmentally friendly credentials of the Boxx.

    Made of recycled aluminium and emitting no pollutants, this is the eco-friendly way to commute.

    We’re sold. When’s the delivery?


    2 who really need this!I really need this thing!

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